Búsquedas del Tesoro

Spending safe quality time off-screen, either outdoors or indoors, is essential these days. That is why I created 9 scavenger hunts en Español (nature walks/I spy) that you can either print or take on your device next time you go for a walk. Walking around to complete these checklists gives us a great chance to practice vocabulary while moving around. 

In various Spanish speaking countries, we play a game called ‘Veo Veo’  similar to the game ‘I spy’ (check the hyperlinked video to see how it is played).

It is one of my students’ favorites!

So even if your child has to miss a Spanish class via Zoom, or you just decide to take time off from screen to strectch your body, you don’t have to stop learning vocabulary! 

This can also turn into a counting activity. “Yo veo cinco mariposas/ I see five butterflies” 

The checklist can also be turned into a photo challenge and you can ask your students to pin their pictures in a Padlet board (check the hyperlinked video to see  a tutorial) 

You can also share your pictures with the hashtag #buscandotesorosconprofefran on Instagram or in this Padlet board.

Let’s create community by sharing our finds!

The ones about colors and shapes can be played anywhere. Las posibilidades son infinitas!

I’ve been doing colores and figuras scavenger hunts during my Zoom meetings with Pre-K and K and they love them. I give parents a heads up in the Zoom description and voilà, we are all ready to play during Zoom class. 

PS: ¿mi aporte? Están a mitad del precio que el trabajo puesto en su creación amerita 💛

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