Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Dear Community,

Holding you all in the light in these times of uncertainty and hoping all of us are giving ourselves time to breathe, regroup and stay healthy. 

Below you will find a post with links to other amazing educator’s posts who have also been working hard to provide resources for remote teaching.

So bear with me because this post will be like a nesting doll – One big post with different little posts inside.

It’s what’s inside that counts”

Resources and tips to extend and support children’s learning of the Spanish language and Cultures at home – Elementary/ Novice level

Part 1 apps, websites and books

  • Read or let your children read bilingual books. It is important that the book is the sort of book that comes in both languages or that is in English with inserted words in Spanish. A book that is above your child’s Spanish proficiency level would not make the learning experience meaningful unless it is read by a native speaker who is translating the text to the reader or who is reading it comprehensibly in order for it to make sense.
  • Below, you will find a link to a reading list that has a little bit of everything. There are books to share as a family, books for personal reading and books for children to try. There are books about culture and also about language. They all come with links where you can find a preview of them and also the age recommendation. 
  • Disclaimer: This list was made in Amazon but you can buy these books in the platform of your preference
  •  Gift your child an Illustrated Spanish dictionary. There are many different options when it comes to illustrated Spanish dictionaries for kids. I love the ones that are called “My First Words.”
  • These books can cover from 20 to 100 words. Both the picture books and the illustrated dictionaries can be part of the daily night time readings. Needless to say, the more they are read, the better the vocabulary is memorized.
  • Apps and websites – Below you’ll find a compilation of lists made by three amazing colegas who are passionate advocates for Multicultural and Multilingual learning
  • This is another app (not included in the lists) that I have used in class for vocabulary building. It is great for beginners/ novice students to the language. 

Categories include Food items, Animals, Alphabet, Transportation, Numbers, Colors & Shapes, Clothing, Household items, Body Parts, Outdoor items, Music Instruments/Arts & Learning.

Link to the video explaining how to use the app below

Spanish Baby Flashcards App for iPhone, iPad and Android by eFlashApps

  • Get access to a Spanish Children’s Channel with your cable subscription or get Spanish speaking movies. You’ll be amazed by the amount of vocabulary learned by just watching movies, cartoons, or a children’s TV show in Spanish.


I’ll be making different posts about videos, printables and some freebies so stay tuned.

For Love and Justice


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