Digamos al partir nuestra canción, nuestra canción


Is that time of the year again, fin de curso. My blog is not quite ready yet, but since many of you have requested that I make these resources available, I am doing an improv post for those who are still teaching these weeks of June.

These will be freebies until the end of August. If you decide to use them, please credit me and tag me on any pictures you post displaying your students work.

One is the self-evaluation/goal setting form (check my Instagram for details)


and the other is an end of the year reflection called Mis Recuerdos Top de la Clase de Español.


I made a poster (attached below) to help my students brainstorm ideas to fill in the Recuerdos form. Both of these fichas are such great meta-learning wrap-up activities. I have tried them with my students, and the results have been wonderful!

Muy buena suerte y fuerza para este fin de curso.


Françoise aka Profe Fran or @thewokespanishteacher



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